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In its 25 years of existence, Lexus has built cars to rival the S-Class and 3 Series. So with the introduction of the GS F, has Toyota’s luxury division finally decided to take on the beastly BMW M5?

The answer, unfortunately, is … not really. Though this Lexus is far from being a disappointment.

Super Sedan Style

First, let’s talk about the way this super sedan looks. While BMW’s performance machines have always erred on the side of subtlety, this car is anything but inconspicuous.

From the signature stacked quad-exhaust pipes to the shockingly big front grille, the GS F is dripping with style. Sure, this new-look-Lexus has its critics, but they’re the same hypocrites who’ve ragged on the brand for two decades for delivering dull designs.

In the immortal words of 3LW: haters gonna hate.

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