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SBM here.
no significant mod yet except the Altezza emblem, tinting..

and to answer for Zaku, yes, he has got the TRD spoiler, and lowered and the nicest IS i have seen around here in vancouver.. i know there is a white IS with full body kit on.. since i am not a big mod fan, it didnt look too good to me..

PS, we can have a meet.. i have met Zaku a couple times, and one other IS owner from here.

PPS. and.. Zaku..i got ticket TWICE last month on speeding.. 1 ticket is $345 . ( on King Edward street while going home from UBC!. damn it. ) 1 ticket is $175, going to richmond on Oak street!
nice huh?, total of $515 in 3 days.. now, u can understand why i havent purchased the TRD spoiler from REV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01' Spectra Blue Mica

Fully loaded IS 300

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