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hahhahaha my girl was talkin to some kid and well, take a look...
ZzIGgYy9 7 8 5: no no
ZzIGgYy9 7 8 5: i'll take the other car
ZzIGgYy9 7 8 5: the stick v6 camry
ZzIGgYy9 7 8 5: 220 hp
ZzIGgYy9 7 8 5: beat te **** out of your bf's lexus ****

Now i dont know about the rest of you but i'm PRETTY sure i can take this fool i just wanna know what the rest of you think since 2001 is300's are just a bit better than P.O.S. camrys. Also, on the most hp i found on a camry is under 200hp but he claims his has 220 and hes not too into cars so i doubt he got anything to make it faster. Sorry i just felt the need to vent my anger about this so i figured this was a good way to break into's forums.
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Is it the all-new 2002 Camry? Those thing might have 200+ hp, but I'm not sure though... By the way, I saw the new Camry yesterday, and it looks the same as 2002 ES300
Ted84... just for your info: I've seen a few V6 Camary's pull very low 15's and some high 14's with simple bolt on's here at Moroso. I do believe they made the Camary with a manual transmission.

The fastest IS300 I've witness has been a 15.5.

If he's prepared, he might just give your Lexus a run for it's money.

Race him and post the results!

I'm on the camry forum ( even more so then this board probably because I own a camry myself. But I can tell you V6 5speeds 97-2001 with a good driver can pull low 15s to high 14s. Put on the TRD supercharger and they are into the mid 14s. 97-2001 camrys have 194hp and the new 2002 camrys have 192hp. They dropped the V6 manual for the new 2002 camry's which is a shame, not to mention the 2hp decrease. Nissan Maximas and sentras horsepower are going crazy.
Well the one i'm talkin about hasn't been modded at all and plus i think its like a 97 or earlier and plus he's not a very good driver (he granny clutches) so I'm sayin i don't thinka stock pre 97 v6 camry could beat my car. Not tryin to sound ****y, I'm just confident.
ted... u... me... glenwood school strip, you're going down in my v6 station wagon :p...

You could always challenge him on a curvy road. The IS300 will seriously dust a Camry when twisties are involved.
come on guys.. any car can burn IS with enough mods.. these "oh i can burn your car" comparisons seem silly to me..
the 2002 camry's have 222hp
i used to have a 97 camry V6, but now i got the is300..
and the 97-00 have 192 hp, 194 hp in texas..
(dun ask me why, jsut is that way...)
as fas as stick, yea, they made very few V6 sticks out there.. and from the camry forum's i was on before here, i can tell you that some guys have some nice hp (270-290) under thier hoods...
if u race, just be prepared for anything..
oh, by the way..
the new altima's are gonna be bigger than the new maximas that are coming out...
so, dun think that all the hp,(240) will really make a HUGE gap of difference..
nissan is making their cars bigger , and bigger also means a little heavier...
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Yo. This RX-7 in the Lexus IS300 forum. Now if "V6 Camry" over here wasn't talkin' so much $hit, I'd keep my mouth shut, but pissing on the IS300 is the same is pissing on Mazda RX-7's, and pissing on those gets me real pissy. So, in my pissed off state, i will as Ted84 says "vent my anger" out with this post. Now little soccer star who drives this V6 Camry "granny clutching" style don't know what's coming to him. Anyone knows this Camry is a freakin' "family car" that could never take an IS unless it drops an 8 cylinder under the hood. But both these cars are stock, so let's take a look at some statistics:
BHP: IS300 = 215, Camry = 194
Advantage: Lexus
Torque: IS300 = 218, Camry = 209
Advantage: Lexus
0-60: IS300 = 7.1, Camry = 8.2
Advantage: Lexus
1/4 mile: IS300 = 15.2, Camry = 15.4
Advantage: Lexus
Driver Comparison:
Origin: IS300 = USA, Camry = Ecuador
Advantage: Lexus (Do they even have cars in Ecuador?)
Driver Height: IS300 = 5'11", Camry = 4'3"
Advantage: w/ or w/o sitting on phone books?

As you all can see, there is no way this Camry **** can take Ted84's Altezza, especially when he stalls out. All in all, I think we've all learned from my post that Camry's are nice family cars, but should be left out of the racing scene (along with Ecuadorians).
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Camry's are made in ecuador?

Last time i checked they were either made in japan or the Kentucky plant in the usa.

and you forgot to mention weight. Lexus is heavier then the camry.
V6 stock camry manual will do 0-60 in 6.9 seconds which is faster then the is300 claimed 7.1(no magazine has actually gotten this)
I think it'll be a good comparison if we compare 5sp IS300 with 5sp V6 Camry; not autos vs. manual

Originally posted by dpatterson069:
the 2002 camry's have 222hp
its confirmed the camry will get a 192hp v6.
Hey Sentinel, I dont know what you're smokin but with my stock IS300 I got 7.1 so maybe you should get your facts straight before you start shootin off at the mouth saying it's unachievable.
Originally posted by Sentinel:
V6 stock camry manual will do 0-60 in 6.9 seconds which is faster then the is300 claimed 7.1(no magazine has actually gotten this)
Road and Track has posted 7.1. Try April 2001 for the article.

[ August 19, 2001: Message edited by: SilverLex ]
I stand corrected. but its still slower then 6.9
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