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listen. Seriously now.
This intake and ecu were custom made for the IS300. NO ONE HAS HAD A PROBLEM SO FAR.

PLEASE just put it in, or leave it out.
If it's not enough that people on this site are saying they have it installed and love it, I don't know what more you need to be convinced.

The ECU comes with the intake because the intake works better with it. So, if you don't install the ECU, you won't get good results. Why pay the money, if you're not looking for the performance.

Car modification is simply this: Modification. If you're unsure about modifying your car, don't.

I usually don't come off with this much attitude, but come on...

Just do it.

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If I come and install it for you, will you stop posting about it... come on really - the insecurity thing is getting old. as sophie stated, either modify your car, or dont - just get on with it. You have ample information to make your decision.
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