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my.IS peoples!.......

We have had a huge success with our Custom Competition Clutch Stage 2 Clutch Setup and now it has been further revised after a long list of requests.

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The IS300 only had a few clutches available for it, and it was always confusing which flywheel to run. We created the ACT and fidanza setup, which we still think works well. However, we took it one step further and created this ultimate combo. We wanted to offer a clutch that could hold 350whp, have a lighter pedal feel than the ACT with a full face disc, and a steel flywheel so you could resurface it unlike aluminum. As drive train experts, we knew this combo would be perfect for 95% of IS300 owners (unless you go heavy boost, which we have a combo for that too).

All this together made up this combo. This is a private label through competition clutch. They are one of the highest quality clutches available, with what we all like in mind. They are a sport compact oriented company, so they make clutches and flywheels how we like to use them. This converts you from the limited IS300 setup to a non-turbo supra setup. Why is that good? Because you can upgrade down the line to a vast variety of clutches if needed. This lets you hold big holding power.


ARP Flywheel Bolts (X8)
Toyota OEM Slave cyl push rod 31473-14030
Competition Clutch Disc Sprung Full Face Organic
Heavy Dutry Pressure Plate
Throwout Bearing
Alignment Tool
13.56lb Steel Flywheel

Revised Parts:

We have now included ARP bolts for the flywheel !! OEM bolts are prone to stretch and can not be re-used at all. :) Your complete solution to a clutch and flywheel replacement.

This is a COMPLETE KIT for you or for your mechanic. You will not need anything else! Everything IN-STOCK and READY TO GO!

AND IT GETS BETTER...............

SAME PRICE for the whole entire combo @: $699 SHIPPED

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