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updated info on my broken in lex and other news

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SO I finally got my IS300 back form the dealership. In case some of you don't know, it was broken into around 2-3 weeks ago. The problem was lexus didn't have any glass to replace it with. I must say that the Lexus service in Scottsdale, AZ was amazing. They really took care of me and did get the glass two weeks earlier than promissed. So today I get a phone call from Lexus customer service wanting to know how everything went. I told them how great the service was and inquired about getting a credit for the three weeks of waiting for the part to come in because they realized it was there fault that they couldn't provide the part in a reasonable time and the law states that they must. I really wasn't pushing for anything and am not expecting anything considering how nice the dealership was in return. The customer service guy told me he would get back to me after he spoke to his boss. I told him "if your boss says no, what about getting my hands on one of those trd superchargers", he laughed. I don't think he realized that i was serious though! I will keep everyone posted on how it turns out.
Next news:
my roomate just went to Australia to study abroad and told me that the IS has been out there for two years or so and it is all over the place. I am going to see if he can bring home some parts for me if they fit. The other funny thing he said to me is regarding mustangs. To catch everyone up. I used to have a 96 mustang gt convertable which i converted into a saleen S-351(minus the supercharger---no comments please, at least i'm honest, i'd rather look good at 30mph than be dead at 230mph) So anyways, he is in australia and was talking to those Aussies and they told him that the Mustang costs about $150,000 amercian dollars. In Australia it is known as the ultimate sports car, it is compared to the Ferrari and porsches. What a weird country they are, right?
Well anyway, that's all the news I have. I'll keep you guys posted on Lexus handles my request.
I would love to tell all you guys about my great lease payment, but feel bad for all the people that don't live in a state like Arizona, which doesn't have as strict laws on money lending like most of the others. Basically, instead of giving like a $500 refundable security deposit, you give Lexus a $5000 refundable security deposit. You don't get interest from your bank because you give Lexus the money to hold onto and invest, but in compensation, they take a nice amount of money off your lease.
So bottom line, for the loaded IS300, I pay $470 taxes included 12,000 miles a year 36 months no money down( except the initial $5000 REFUNDABLE SECURITY DEPOSIT) The same deal without the $5000 is about $ 540 a month. My brother in New York went to pick up the car for the same deal putting the $5000 down not knowing that it is illegal to do in New York. Arizona is one of the few states out there where you can, i guess it was a good idea to go to college out there.
Anyone intested in Arizona or the surrounding states in purchasing or leasing, contact my salesperson, Jan Person and he will explain the details to you and sell you the car. He was really nice to me and is straightfoward which is nice in the car business. Anyone interested, e-mail me and i will get you in contact with him (serious buyers/leasers only please) I hate to anoy these car guys for no reason because then I look like an idiot.
Talk to you guys later
[email protected]
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