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These Rims where FOUND! Haven’t gotten the whole story yet, but ill post it as soon I do, but during this who escapade my friends were able to recover “Digidizzle” wheels in the process, my '06 PW xB - Page 27 - Members Rides - Scion xB Forum
and heres the story on that…
Gumballf355 : ““Since the cops are already after him for HELLA stuff and he apparently bounced to LA because he's wanted for violating parole I'll give up some info.

Skizzup emailed me on march 2nd telling me wheels simmilar to his were for sale on craigslist. We figured it could be his or Digidizzle's. I told him to get the Digidizzle's phone number while I called and made an appointment to buy the wheels. (idiot posted the Work equips for $500 or trade for rotas). I got Skizzup's and Digidizzle's wheel fitment specs and called Digidizzle in the car on the way to the meetup. When I got there I confirmed that the wheels were indeed Digidizzle's wheels and proceeded to take the wheels. When I got all the wheels out of the guy's truck I brought two to my car, then came back for the other two. I told the guy not to bounce because I had his license plate info, his name and phone number plus the house address where he met up with me. On my way back to the car with the second pair he bounced out.

I called Digidizzle (whom I had never met before) and met up with him to return his wheels. Gave him all the guy's info so he could add it to the report he filed with the SJPD. Stupid San Jose cops wouldn't do anything about it when Digidizzle gave them the info. Said that it's not a high priority case... *bastards* It's high priority to us!

Since then we've been quietly finding more and more info about "Jose" and his crew. Where they live and where they hang out. Last night I got a tip that the police where outside one of the houses that Jose was known to frequent and I drove by to speak with the police. Apparently the Milpitas cops had been working on a suspicion of stolen property case. Jose and his crew were stealing hondas and parting them out. They were all caught with stolen parts and stolen cars. Jose had recently stolen a car and parted it out at some bodyshop.

The cops were at the house to tow a car that belonged to Jose that had a bunch of stolen parts on it. I parked and spoke with the Milpitas cops about what had been happening the past two weeks with all our stolen wheels and the cops laughed. They were trying to get a hold of Jose but he had bounced and stopped answering his phone and they didn't know why. They searched his crappy honda (and towed it), searched his truck (that he used to steal parts and used to meet up with me to sell me XB guy's wheels) and searched his house/garage/driveway.

He apparently bounced to LA (which violates his probation) to get away from me and/or the milpitas cops. And is now "on the run" I gaurantee he will easily be caught. He's a stupid guy for trying to sell stolen rare parts on craigslist and meeting up with me in the first place.””
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