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update for socal members!

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Originally posted by RLNPHAT:
I won't shoot you..... yet. When and Where is this taking place? for all the info my man! just follow the link on the first page.
Originally posted by LexDymndz:
how can you hold the meet the same day as Audiotistic?
man i guess i aint gonna go.
oh well im sure theres a bunch of DWPs that will show.
but none will have the stickers
so ha. your loss
i'm going to audiotistic too you fruitcake!! my meet will end at like 4pm or something. drive your butt from the meet to the show :p its not that hard. i'm doin it!!!

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Originally posted by LexDymndz:
ben i live in south of IRVINE.
in lake forest!
im trying to to drive.
theres no way imma leave my car in a lot for 12 hours!
m homeboy went to Autosalon at LBConCenter (where audio's at) and he got ish jacked from his car.
and i dont think i would be able to make it home at 4 im the morning. (why? i have no clue, i swear i dont do drugs. DRUGS ARE BAD! JUST SAY NO!)

oh come on you wimp
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1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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