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update for socal members!

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how can you hold the meet the same day as Audiotistic?
man i guess i aint gonna go.
oh well im sure theres a bunch of DWPs that will show.
but none will have the stickers
so ha. your loss
ben i live in south of IRVINE.
in lake forest!
im trying to to drive.
theres no way imma leave my car in a lot for 12 hours!
m homeboy went to Autosalon at LBConCenter (where audio's at) and he got ish jacked from his car.
and i dont think i would be able to make it home at 4 im the morning. (why? i have no clue, i swear i dont do drugs. DRUGS ARE BAD! JUST SAY NO!)
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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