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Before reading even a bit further, you should know that I just quaffed an adult+ dose of NyQuil, and the dextromethorphan hydrobromide is making me somewhat insane. You have been warned.

NyQuil is the elixir of the gods, I tell ya. Feel like a buttock, take some, and about 45 mins later, La La Land here I come baby! I'm a magic iguana, and honey, I've got a tapeworm who wants to sell ya insurance! Here ya go kiddies! Trick or treat, you insolent little monsters! Sweet baby jeesous Martha, that dress with those shoes? Whaddareya thinkin'?


Important thought: the blue part of the flame is the hottest. For sure. Got any Bactine?

But now I laff. You just wasted a good one minute of your life reading this CRAP. Ha ha.

I 0wn j00!

[This meaninless message brought to you by NyQuil, the multisymptom cold/flu relief medicine that makes you ooey and rather pointless. Goodnight.]
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