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Hi all, I am a newbie to the site and loving it. I'm in the UK as you can tell by the way I spelt 'tyre'. I have a 2007 IS250 which I love driving every day. Last week I replaced the stock wheels and tyres with a set of 19" rims with 235/35/19 tyres and has really made the car look great. I have put the pressures at 35psi front and 38psi rear which is the standard pressures and was advised to keep them at that. On my drive home from work last week I took a turning off the main road a little faster than normal (not excessive) and the tyre under load seemed as though it was going to come of the rim and a warning signal sounded. I pulled over but everything was ok.
Is it a case that I have to drive more carefully with the larger wheels or does the pressures need adjusting?


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