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1. Does anyone have a pic of an IS300 with Eibach Springs and 18's, yes i know i'm asking a strange question and i should get 19's but i just wanted too see how it would look, oh and if the tires are 225/40/18 it would be great. But i already ordered some 18's, yes i know dumb move, if they look funny i'll just have to order the H&R springs.

2. Pretty much any intake i buy is going to perform like my factory intake unless it comes with/or i purchase a piggy back ECU. Therefore i would imagine the Apexi S-AFC would do the same as a piggy back ECU once it is tuned by a shop using a dyno. I was wondering is it safe to say that if i were to add more engine modifications ie: new cam gear, that i should keep my Injen intake and add the Apexi S-AFC, or just buy the SRT, Area51 or Weapon-R intake that comes with the new ECU piggy back ?

I've read so much about intakes that i'm kinda confused what to do . . . Any positive feedback would be great.
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