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never go to tustin lexus!
dont buy $hit from them.
dont service your car there.
they suck!
went there for my 5K a while back.
waited over 2 hours for some $hit they said would ONLY TAKE 45 MIN.
so this time i thought i could be smart and not have to wait. i put an order in for a loaner...
but when i got there they said no loner for you, you are under 21.
so i ended up wasting another hour at the worst lexus dealership, TUSTIN LEXUS..."WRONG" FROM THE START!
oh and my sales dude said, when ever you bring your car in for service you get a free loaner. STAN forgot to mention that you have to 21 to get the damn loaner!

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i told you they suck.
i get home pop the hood and what do i see...
the dip stick chillin on top of the plastic below the windsheild wipers.
so is this bad?
but if anything goes wrong its not my fault right?
now my car sounds like something is wrong. hope its big. i want a new motor!
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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