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-First, I would like to thank the following individuals:

Jeff and Jason at TurboEast (formally called TBKO) for making all my goals possible. Jeff’s unbelievable technical knowledge, outstanding tuning skills, true care for his customers, and unwavering believe in achieving over bragging (modesty) are facts, not a biased opinion. I promise that anyone who chooses to trust Jeff with their IS300 will not be disappointed.

Thank you Dasgalloway for hosting this topic, and for overachieving by creating the outstanding web based pic & vid index seen below; great job, it was way more than asked, thank you so much!

Thanks GTE for your communications support at a time when TurboEast was in the process of reorganizing their operations.

Thanks to Cmondamnit for your moral support during trying times when I couldn’t make up my damn mind for what I wanted to do…your next ; )

Lastly, thanks to all the users on IS300.NET who have shared their knowledge and experience with others, enabling us to be well informed on what we’re getting ourselves into. I have learned so much about import tuning from this forum.

-Off topic:
This is my third username. I’m too ignorant to keep a form of F/I out of my username and will continue to be ignorant. First, Project “IS 300 T”, then NitrouS 300 and now –SuperleX iS-, so yes, I went around the horn, but in the end I know I made the right choice for myself. Patience and setting realistic goals was key for me.

Okay, now for the real exciting stuff.
If this topic doesn’t make supercharger believers out of anyone, then nothing will.

-My project goal:
A reliable, practical, daily driven, fuel efficient, clean, 12 second sleeper that can be driven by both my wife and I, that has the capability of lasting for at least 100,000 miles before major repairs are needed, and all within my set budget (I will not disclose any costs but will say that my budget was less than $10,000 of which was NOT exceeded).

I have not yet reached this goal. For those of you wishing to break into the 12 second barrier, I've found over time and seeing other F/I'd IS owner's performances, it's going to take around 380-390whp to get there. I'm not saying it can't be done, GTE acheived a 13.1 with about only 321whp (with TBKO's old turbo kit), but then there are others with closer to 400whp who barley broke into the 12's (turbo'd).

-Supercharger install:
The supercharger vs. turbo debate will never come to an end with a definitive winner. This is because the form of F/I chosen will always be based on preferences. The advantages vs. disadvantages of each has been discussed over and over and is not the purpose of this post, so if you are reading to get that type of information, you will be better served by doing a search.

Jeff’s SC package does not require ABS relocation or tapping into the oil pan, totally bolt-on. The Procharger is self-lubricating, and comes with its own oil, which is a cinch to change. Needs to be changed about every 6,000 miles (I will be changing it when I change my engine oil). His design allows even the closest fitting front strut bar to remain on the vehicle. The air intake temps are extraordinarily cool. When you park the car and lift the hood, if you put your hand on the piping going into the throttle body, it is cold to the touch, not warm, but cold. Granted the weather is about 40’s where I’m at, that is still pretty significant.

My IS 300’s advantages in acceleration to augment the SC project achievements:
-No ICE to weigh down the car, meets factory stated curb weight of 3,285 lbs.
-Factory 17” rims
-Greddy cat-back exhaust
-Toyomoto header
-TeCK grounding kit
-Fortunate enough to have a strong running engine. Made 190 rwhp and 195 rwtq with just the mods above (plus Tom’s drop in air filter), and ran a best of 15.1 @ 91mph.
-Racing experience

My IS 300’s disadvantages in acceleration for this SC project:
-It’s an automatic, or ‘slushbox’ as GTE so kindly refers ;)
-Absolutely no transmission upgrades or modifications (until Jeff comes out with his new shift kit which promises to blow everyone’s minds).
-17” Factory rims are chromed, making the rims heavier than normal.

Base Dyno results (Toyomoto header, Greddy cat-back exhaust, Tom's drop-in filter) :
190 rwhp & 195 rwtq (w/ N/A mods)

Dyno Greddy e-manage installed in addition to the other N/A mods:
200 rwhp & 205 rwtq

Parts installed:
ATI Procharger C-2 Supercharger housing (with four included Procharger oil bottles)
Small SC pulley (pushes 13 lbs of boost)
TBKO designed SC bracket with routing pulleys
Larger serpentine belt (one used for entire system including SC)
Large Spearco front mounted intercooler
Mandrel bent Aluminum piping (polished)
Blue silicon couplings
K&N filter
2mm head gasket
Extra fuel injector
Greddy E-Manage (unlocked), editing software extra on request
Walbro 255lph performance fuel pump
Braided steel fuel line for extra injector
Turbo XS Blowoff valve
NGK 3330 spark plugs
Other miscellaneous hardware such as hose clamps, zip ties, and other boring stuff

Extra parts:
Autometer boost gauge
TurboEast custom fabricated gauge holder to fit gauge in glove box

As of March 2004:
TurboEast Valve Body upgrade
TurboEast Transmission Cooler

Supercharged Dyno results:
348 rwhp & 311 rwtq (@ 11 lbs. of boost), a 158 rwhp and 117 rwtq improvement. This new number was after the transmission upgrades, this is at least 420 hp to the crank. I don't currently have a copy of the new dyno. Most remarkable is how linear the power curve is throughout the powerband…better than some turbo power curves and competitive with others.

Best ¼ mile time so far: 13.77 @ 105mph. There is still plenty of breathing room for a better time, I just have to get the drivetrain improved. Based on how the car feels to me and my experience to know about how fast a car will run the 1/4mile by just driving it, I believe that I will achieve at least a mid to low 13 second run. Then with stall converter, maybe high to mid 12’s in the ¼ mile. There are still a few other tricks up TurboEast's sleeve to get the car to run at least low 13's for which you might find out about before the NOPI Nationals in September.

Drivability (500 miles to speak of so far):
The presence of a piggy-back ECU over standalone greatly enhanced the factory feel in start-up, idle, acceleration, deceleration, and cruising. No throttle hick-ups, long start-ups, misfires, etc. (cold or hot). My straight-out exhaust sound level is the same as it was previously during cruising and slight acceleration, but a little louder at WOT for obvious reasons. An amazing feeling is experienced during acceleration as my body gets pinned to the seat at a gradual intensity, instead of the often violent kick that a turbo gives. This gradual intensity lends to a more subtle and luxury feeling of performance.

At start-up, the whine from the SC is very noticeable at first until the car warms up, then at which time it quiets down to a low lull. The whine sounds exactly like the same sound that a jetliner’s turbines make as it is taxiing to its terminal (and I’m not kidding you!). I’ve always loved SC whines so that is my preference; others may not like it. However, he SC whine is not noticeable while inside the car for the most part, except before the engine is warmed up.

The blow-off valve sounds like the wind from the heating/cooling fan coming through the vents, except it changes intensity depending on how much you’re in the throttle. The BOV sound is different than what is experienced on a turbo, because the SC is always providing boost. As you cruise, someone who doesn’t know what a BOVis, will think that your heating/cooling fan is on low while cruising, but then after WOT and letting off the throttle, that same person will hear a very noticeable blow-off, and quickly realize that it is not your heating/cooling fan. Hard to describe, so hopefully I brought the point across…by the way, a simple $20 K&N BOV air filter will take out that fan sound if so desired.

Jeff conducted timing adjustments, which alleviated shifting hang-ups quite a bit. However, without a valve body upgrade, the stock transmission sometimes does hang for about about ½ a second, so I bounce off the rev limiter real quick before the next shift. Not all the time, but sometimes. Either way, I was very impressed because I was anticipating having to let off the throttle, etc. to compensate, knowing I wasn’t having the transmission upgraded at all, but in actuality, it really isn’t that bad…I’m waiting for Jeff’s eagerly anticipated laptop programmable shift kit (I’ll let him give details on his own accord) before I touch the tranny.

Drivability (2,500 miles):
I've posted about the vaccum hose that popped off and the CEL and TRAC light coming on when I hit the rev limiter for too long. Other than those two events, none of which were serious or caused me to not be able to drive the car is EVERYTHING not so good that I've experienced. The stock tranny caused the CEL and TRAC and the vacuum hose is now secure which took a .25 cent hose clamp.

Other than the above, the car has consistently run like I described before. I have noticed that when warmer weather comes, it would behoove (sp?) me to get a re-tune to ensure I'm not running too rich. In other words most likely I will have to keep two fuel maps, one for winter (which I have already) and one for summer. It would take me 20 minutes between each season to hook up my laptop, connect it to the Greddy E-Manage USB cable and download the current season's fuel map. I know that a stand-alone would not need to have this done, but to me the savings in money and complexity is worth it.

So to sum it up, I think I have been very fortunate with everything I've had done and have not really experienced any horror stories that others have. I look forward to upgrading my drivetrain so that the full potential of my motor will be revealed.

BTW, the first step for me in upgrading my drivetrain is that I am getting ready to purchase four BF Goodrich G-Force T-A KDW 2 tires(

P225/45YR17 to replace my OEM Bridgestone P215/45ZR17 PE40's that have seen a 13 second time slip!

Drivability (Executive Summary):
In short, it feels like the same baby I gave to Jeff except my gas pedal now feels two feet deep instead of one. My wife has no problems driving it and loves the power without compromise…however, she hasn’t completely floored the car yet, says she doesn’t need to…only if she knew.

1. A vacuum hose popped off from all the boost (this does not hurt the car). Installed hose clamps, no problems since.
2. I've exchanged the supercharger housing twice because of leaks. ATI Prochargers have always leaked a little. I'm getting ready to get a third one replaced. ATI has finally come up with a seal system that does not leak. ATI has always been helpful and none of these replacements have cost me a dime...under 1 year warranty.
3. No transmission problems so far. This may be due to the presence of a tranny cooler and only P225 tires. My opinion is that you break sprags when you have too much traction, i.e. really wide tires. When I shift, the tires chirp/slip...if I had drag radials on, the force would be much greater possibly causing damage.

Fuel Efficiency:
I logged 20mpg with ½ city and ½ highway, even with numerous WOT passes and some racing around the Freeway. In other words, that was achieved without granny driving and actually driving a little aggressive! I have no doubts it will exceed the advertised 23mpg for highway driving. I attribute this to Jeff’s single additional fuel injector design as opposed to larger fuel injectors all the way around.

Kill story (already?!):
I had a chance encounter on the freeway starting at about 60mph with a 96 or 97 Cobra convertible with at least a body kit and exhaust…he instigated. With at least 200lbs of luggage and various other items in the trunk and both back seats (the car was packed to the gills!), my wife in passenger seat, and myself driving, he gunned his car while his front bumper was at my right rear door. He got the kick, and I stomped it when I saw his front bumper pass my right front door. One second passed before I reeled in his one car lead since he got the kick, two more seconds passed and he was about a car length behind me (all approximate of course). Then the race was over, he flashed his high beams in defeat and blended back into the traffic. Bottom line up front is I couldn’t believe it, but I spanked the Mustang Cobra very badly. I did not expect this win to come with such ease when I was at such a disadvantage.

There have been many other kills since this post. The notables for which I always post in IS300 vs. The World forum.

-Pics and Vids:
Enjoy courtesy of Dasgalloway:

(all pics and vids are optimized as much as possible to give you 56k guys and gals a chance to view them also.)

Please ask away, but here are the ground rules:
-I will not answer costs. You can direct those questions to [email protected].
-Stay on topic

Anyone considering a SC now?


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awesome dude, thats a clean install. and that bracket is thick!!!! good work TBKO, don't stop putting out amazing products!!!!

good kill too bro!!!!!1

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Good job man, nice!

Another option I should have explored...

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Beautiful....Now go BOOST !

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-SuperleX-iS- said:
alredxiii and wz1999, thank you!

BTW, all the videos were taken by myself, so excuse the wobbliness, etc. :crazy:
Looks NICE!! :eek: :p

Can you check the link for: "Idle from inside and slight revs"
That vid didn't seem to work...and I really want to see it!! :p
(Check the HTML for that part. :wink: )

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Congrats on the boost! Just to clear up that standalone eliminates problems like misfires. It is piggybacks with the stock ecu that typically cause these problems.

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Welcome to the club, now go show NO LOVE......

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that is an awesome write up/explanation of everything! congrats and be safe!!

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he came out here and had it installed at tbko

do you want to come out to do the same?

ltunedgirl said:
maybe i missed this in the excellent explanation but did you do the install or did TBKO or some other shop?

congrats on the charger install, glad i could help! you can call me GTE like everyone else on the forum does :)

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