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I'm in the process of getting the old APEXi S-AFC for my 03 standard IS. I've been hearing conflicting comments on the S-AFC. Some ont he forum say its very useful. I have a problem with the traction control light flashing, and engine light on, after installing a custom cold air intake where the filter was placed behind the front bumper behind the fog lights. I'm purchasing the S-AFC to fix this problem because it is gonna snow soon and I don't want to drive wtihout traction control. So my few questiosn are:

1) Some say I have to take it to the dyno to get it tuned properly, and some say that APEXi has baseline figures to tune specific models. So whats the deal?

2) Someone told me no one really knows how to tune it properly, only the guys at APEXi do. This guy told me it was useless unless you knew how to tune it properly.

3) If I have to take it to dyno, how long does the process of dynoing and tuning take? How much am I looking at on installation? I must know so I have an estimate of how much I'm going to be spending.

4) After Christmas I'm looking to install a header and an HKS Hiper exhaust, then will i have to dyno my car again to retune it?

I know its a lot of questions but please answer as my bid on ebay is nearing a close and i don't want to buy something that I can't tune properly.


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