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Ok, here's a question. For all you that have stereo systems in your car. What tunes do you listen too? I'm curious. I'll d/l them off Napster and burn 'em and play them if you hit me up with some tunes you listen to.
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It depends what mood im in. If I'm feeling badass I play some rap. But if im just cruising its all about the techno, and occasional punk.
I listen to all kinds from darude to dre to papa roach to easy listening check out my songs my username is ulikemymusic and have a cable modem always up~ peace
House and trance all the way my friend
By the way, Does the factory system in the Lexus IS300 play CDR's? (copied blank cd's made on a home PC)

I agree with Lexisny. House and trance (electronica music) is the way to go 'cause of the high energy beats. Nothing like cruising around 80-100 swerving in and out of traffic to some high octane tunes. Check out Paul Oakenfold, Chemical Brothers, Sasha, and other DJs of that sort.

Rap tunes like Dre are good for head bobbing and inner city driving, but not as good for high speed driving as techno music inspires. Just my opinion...
Yes, the factory system will play burned CDs.

Originally posted by mamamia123:
By the way, Does the factory system in the Lexus IS300 play CDR's? (copied blank cd's made on a home PC)

cool, thats pretty sweet.

Thanks for the info.
Massive Attack
Groove Armada
The Chillout Album
Danny Tenaglia

That's what's in there now...

'01 Black Onyx
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Slot 1) Memphis Bleek

Slot 2) Shaggy

Slot 3) R Kelly

Slot 4) Mobb Deep "Infamous"

Slot 5) Jay Z

Slot 6) Mix CD "Slow Jams 2000" feat Selena, Brian McKnight, Christion, Mya, Toni Braxton, and Destiny's Child

Runners up: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aphroditte, Xzibit, and Dr. Dre
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Hey altezza freak if you like J-Five you would probably like Blackalicious.

I like Digable planets
Usually house/trance or hiphop/rap/R&B, depends on how fast I'm driving...heh.
CAMP LO!!!! Man I havn't them in a long time. Good call. Still nothing beats Ny house and trance Sorry all you rap lovers
You gotta have at least one CD made of slow love songs to play em when you have a chick in your car and you want some mood... That is essential... DMX and 2pac kinds of CDs are good for city cruising... For highway... The music that pumps you up!! Gotta race on highways, baby!!

Lords of Acid, DJ Keoke, Bone, Brotha Lynch, No Doubt, Steve Miller
, etc..(everything) I like all kinds of music but L.O.A. is still one of my favorites, Debs my women
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