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Trendy Colors

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Green was sort of the "hip color" around 1995.

Around 1998 Blue was "in".

Now Silver is what people want.
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But notice how many manufacturers are putting out yellow this year? Saturn, Jeep, Lexus, Ferrari (I know it's been there for awhile), Chevy (Mil. Yellow on the Vette),
Nissan (XTerra), ...

I don't know if it's because I'm driving a yellow car and am more aware of it or if there are just a lot of yellow cars out there.
Well, I can tell you that yellow is one of the most rare colors for an IS300, and silver is the most common.

But - the yellow stands out so much that seeing one yellow is like seeing 5 silver cars!
I know TEG is waiting for the Graphite IS, which is a beautiful color (and somewhat rare), but just look at how nice the Silver looks. There's a reason it's the "most popular" color - it is a classic.
TEG - please post a pic of yours when it arrives!
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I agree about the silver. I had it down between the blue and silver and have absolutely no regrets about silver. It's beautiful, classic, and looks very nice night or day
I raise you a Solar Yellow (5 silvers, right TEG
)... yeah baby!

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Ok Eddy stop dragging up old dead and forgot topics.
is300/trendy.jpgMy new trend

2002 IS 300 IBP 5 speed
Leather Escaine, Power Moonroof, LSD, Rear Spoiler, Graphite Polished Wheels, Cargo Net, Trunk Mat, a little paint nick on my hood, aint that a beeotch!

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I defintely think it was between Silver and Blue. It just seems though, that silver, w/ the altezza back lights (and i don't feel right calling them euro lights) is just made for silver. I mean the chrome lining and everything. Just my 02
this is a biased topic. Silver is nice, but too common. SBM is nice, but too much contrast, IBP is nice, the lights look good with it, but the old blue is SWEET when clean. White is classy, and looks good with the rear lights.

2002 the dark colors are nice due to the smoked looking taillights

Red is nice too.
if i could of done it again, i would of gotten silver than the black i have now.
silver looks nice on almost any car, it's a classic color, not trendy. . .the GGP isn't rare on IS's, everybody loves that color, that's all I see
Silver has always been the "color of class." It has been popular on German cars for many decades.

Bright yellow has been a fad for at least 5 years now.. I had a yellow Integra Type R and I miss the car sometimes but NEVER the color. Too damn much attention.

I bought GGP because I was sick of all the attention.. So far, it has worked. It's my little Q-ship. :grin:

I read in the newspaper recently that the bright yellow fad is starting to play out, and that next up is washed-out yellow. Blech...
What's interesting to me is that there are many Silver and Black IS300s on the road. Oddly enough, I RARELY see any SBM or IBPs out there.

The exception, is on this forum.

I've noticed quite a few IS300.NET members that also have IBP. I guess we're more enthusiasts then you're typical Silver IS300 owner (only an opinion, of course).
For a second there, I thought that TEG had come back from the dead. Where are ya TEG???
I think the silver is a nice color, even though I have the black '01. I chose the black, so that the tail lights would stand out in the from the car. With the silver the lights seemed to blend to much. Plus since I've done the fog light mod the DRL's and the fogs look awesome on a clean black IS.
I agree with the post earlier that the millenium silver blends so perfectly with the clear/silver taillights which is why I'm betting they started offering the smoked tails for '02 because they stood out wayyyy too much on the dark colors. If the smoked tails were available on the IBP '01's I'd have had a real hard time picking between silver and blue.
Sorry to say but YELLOW is the only color IS300's I see in NYC :sad:
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