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TRD really needs to hurry up...

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...with the L-Tuned IS3 gear, preferably a forced induction solution. I just got back from my local Toyota dealership, and while I was up there what did I see but a fully modified Sliverstream Pearlescent Solara. It had everything, even the super charger. It sounded like a dream, I couldn't believe it when I saw it pull into the service bay. I asked the owner about it and he seemed very proud that he had the only TRD Solara in the area. Even after I got the oil changed in the Tacoma I took up there I didn't leave because I was to busy drooling over the Solara. It was so beautiful, if those L-Tuned parts aren't out by the end of this year I may just save some money and purchase a TRD Solara.

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a lot of the time, when you buy chips you're not just buying the chips, you're helping them pay for the r&d that went into it.
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