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Thank me later, here is the L-Tuned/TRD/Kazama parts list, numbers, and estimated list price for the IS300. The original list had estimated US pricing, but that was confidential because Toyota has still yet to finalize it. The prices you see here are in Yen and should give you a good idea how they should relate to each other, but no more than that.

I was completely flabbergasted by the sheer degree of support that Toyota has decided to give to this vehicle. Race suspension? Clutch LSD? Roll cage?! It almosts seems too good to be true. Note the absence of the S/C. Probably didn't make the list in time. Also note that nothing come in Diamond White Pearl.
Perhaps DWP isn't available on the Altezza.

If it doesn't come out right, copy and paste to a word processor and select a small Courier-type font for proper alignment.

P/N TRDUSA P/N Description Supplier List(Yen) Notes


Front Aero Bumper Cover
1 08164-53010-B0 1C0-Silver TMC
1 08164-53010-B1 1C6-Gray TMC
1 08164-53010-C0 202-Black TMC
1 08164-53010-D0 3N3-Red TMC
1 08164-53010-F0 576-Yellow TMC
1 08164-53010-G0 6Q7-Green TMC
1 08164-53010-J0 8M6-Blue TMC

Rocker Panel Skirts
3 08150-53010-B0 1C0-Silver TMC
3 08150-53010-B1 1C6-Gray TMC
3 08150-53010-C0 202-Black TMC
3 08150-53010-D0 3N3-Red TMC
3 08150-53010-F0 576-Yellow TMC
3 08150-53010-G0 6Q7-Green TMC
3 08150-53010-J0 8M6-Blue TMC

Rear Valence
4 08158-53010-B0 1C0-Silver TMC
4 08158-53010-B1 1C6-Gray TMC
4 08158-53010-C0 202-Black TMC
4 08158-53010-D0 3N3-Red TMC
4 08158-53010-F0 576-Yellow TMC
4 08158-53010-G0 6Q7-Green TMC
4 08158-53010-J0 8M6-Blue TMC

Fog Lamps for Aero Bumper
5 08590-53010 Clear TMC
5 08590-53929 Coated TMC

Front Grill
53100-SE100 Carbon-look w/TRD Sport logo TRDJ
6 08423-53010-B0 1C0-Silver/mesh/Altezza logo TMC
6 08423-53010-B1 1C6-Gray/mesh/Altezza logo TMC
6 08423-53010-C0 202-Black/mesh/Altezza logo TMC
6 08423-53010-D0 3N3-Red/mesh/Altezza logo TMC
6 08423-53010-F0 576-Yellow/mesh/Altezza logo TMC
6 08423-53010-G0 6Q7-Green/mesh/Altezza logo TMC
6 08423-53010-J0 8M6-Blue/mesh/Altezza logo TMC

Front Lip Spoiler
76850-SE100-1C 1C0-Silver TRDJ
76850-SE100-NP Unpainted TRDJ
2 08154-53010-B0 1C0-Silver TMC
2 08154-53010-B1 1C6-Gray TMC
2 08154-53010-C0 202-Black TMC
2 08154-53010-D0 3N3-Red TMC
2 08154-53010-F0 576-Yellow TMC
2 08154-53010-G0 6Q7-Green TMC
2 08154-53010-J0 8M6-Blue TMC

Rear Spoiler (Illegal for street use?)
76870-SE100-1C 1C0-Silver TRDJ 66000
76870-SE100-NP U

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Originally posted by mryuen:
Looks like a very comprehensive list but are the parts for the Altezza or the IS3's?
The list explictly said "IS300", and came from the parts department of a Lexus dealer. But I suspect that most of these are the same parts available for the Altezza, with no further optimization for the increased weight, torque, and differing balance of the IS300. It made sense for ToMoCo to bring these over for what little it would cost them.

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