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Traction Problems

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Last Saturday, my IS300 got stuck in the mud and I had to push it out with another guy while my girlfriend was driving. I had both traction control and the "snow" botton on and still couldn't get my car out without two people pushing. I live in a heavy snow area and have much experience with these situations so it's not my lack of expertise. What makes it even worse is that I have the bridgestone all weather tires and LSD on my IS300.

So, although I absolutely love my car, I just wanted to mention how badly the car performed in the mud (and probably snow). I saw a Honda Civic go through the same muddy area at the same speed without a problem. I guess no matter the options you have on your car (LSD, traction control, all weather tires, etc.), rear wheel drive is a killer when it comes to mud and snow. Any thoughts?

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It's not an SUV, it's a sports sedan. Most rwd cars would have that problem, regardless of the traction systems that they may have. My dad's eighty five thousand dollar Mercedes Benz S class had a tough time in the snow last year (got stuck many times). But that doesn't make it a bad car.
If you live in a heavy snow region, you should get ice crunchers installed. I'm not sure what size wheels you have, but I think they shouldn't be hard to find for the 16s. As for the 17s, I'm not so sure.

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