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traction control = eat more gas

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Finally got my car, I filled it up twice with the same kind of gas. On the 1st tank of gas I left the trac control on, and had it off for the 2nd tank of gas.

I got 60 mile more with the traction control off. Since I'm still in my break in period, I took it very easy for both tank of gas. All the milage came from going back and forth from work, so both were all freeway milage.

Is it just me or do you guys feel that the traction contol is useless. With it on/off it feels the same to me. Could it be broken? For now, its just another extra button to press.

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If the traction control engages it will be wasting gas. Some of the power your motor is making will be turned into heat as the brakes are applied when the traction control engages.

I change my traction control switch to be "normally closed" so that my traction control defaults to "off" when I start the car...
Yeah - as a gas saving measure I make it a point never to brake. I roll through stop signs and drive along the median when I hit traffic

I wouldn't be "bashing" the traction control if there weren't alternatives (LSD, AWD) that could keep that one rear wheel from slipping without having to resort to applying the brakes...

Besides, I like being able to fish-tail my car now and then.
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I just popped out the TRAC off switch, and replaced it with a "normally closed" momentary switch. That did the trick.

I don't think there is a relay between the switch and the trac circuit - I would guess that the trac on/off switch just triggers a signal line in an ECU that then controls all the actual Trac components.
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