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TCRA track day at WSIR (big track)

Another track day coming up if anyone's interested ....

1 Day Open Track: $125
Open to all street cars that pass tech. Tech is pretty minimal, it's just regular stuff you'd want on a safe street car (like sufficient pad thickness, no leaks, good wheel bearings etc etc).
Open to drivers of any level experience. Instructors will be around to give you pointers if you need them.
Overtaking only in designated passing zones.
M rated helmets are ok, but SA is highly recommended.

1 Day Time Trials: $125, 2 Day Time Trials: $245
Open to all cars that pass tech, but requires proof of track experience. Typically faster cars/drivers than those in the Open Track group. (This group might get combined with the Open Track group if there's low turn out)
Overtaking only in designated passing zones.
Requires SA rated helmet, gloves, and long sleeve shirt.

2 Day Driving School: $290
Open to all cars that pass tech and drivers of any level experience.
In between track sessions, you also get classroom sessions that cover basic car control (eg. heel toe, weight transfer etc), racing line, track etiquette, flags etc. First on track session is lead follow, where you putt around the track at low speed behind the instructors cars. After that, you're free to drive at speed. You can also request an instructor to ride along with you or drive your car. You get $100 off the next 2 day event upon graduation. Graduation just means you dont crash or something stupid like that (which you don't want in the first place :p).
Overtaking only in designated passing zones (after the lead follow session).
M rated helmets are ok, but SA is highly recommended. There's probably a couple loaner helmets sitting around available to students.

1 Day Gymkhana/Drifting plus 1 Day Open Track: $150
Practice drifting on the skid pad 1 day, then run in the open track group 1 day.
M rated helmets are ok, SA highly recommended.

2 Day Race: $265
Open to race prepped cars only. Requires full 6 point cage, kill switch, window net etc. Must have a competition license from TCRA or other club (SCCA, BMWCCA, POC etc)
Open passing, but no bumping. No contact rule strictly enforced (you may get kicked off the track, depending on the situation)
Drivers must have all the safety equipment (SA95 or newer helmet, full nomex race suit etc).

1 hour Mini Enduro: $175, 3 hour Enduro: $375
Sat night only. Same requirements as the race group. Click here for rules.

Lunch time parade lap: Free for anyone willing to drive out there
Open to anyone that wants to drive on the track at low speed (55 mph) during lunch break. No passing anywhere.

Free tech day for this event is 9/17, 10am - 2pm at TCRA head quarters:
1035 S. Fremont Ave
Alhambra, CA 91803

Same discount of $5 towards 1 day events for members that register before 9/17 (just mention or when you register). $50 discount (or something like that) towards the 2 day track events if we have a group of 10 or more.

Each group gets four 20-30 min sessions per day depending on how smooth things go. Feel free to PM me or post here if you have any questions
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