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Guys, I hate driving with TRAC on because i want more response etc when i drive. But it was raining on Saturday and I had 3 friends in my car. I wanted to test out the cornering abilities of my car. I wanted to beat the left turn arrow on a street so I took the turn at 50 mph, the car turned as if it was on rails. But somehow the back wheels started to slide and the tail kicked out. Thats when my trac kicked in and it wobbled my car back and forth until i was in control of my car again. Of course I tried to play the whole incident off and told my friends that I was trying to drift. They thought that was soo cool and now they think the Is300 is the most awesome car in the world! hahaha. Anyways, have you guys read the break in period? How the heck can you manage 1000 miles of below 55mph driving! I can't take it anymore! In 2 days of driving I now have 300 some odd miles.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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