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Just wanted to let you san diego locals know about my great conversation with Kearny Mesa Lexus: called and spoke with a service technician about scheduling my 10,000 mile oil change and when I asked about the trac/ecu update, they knew exactly what I was talking about! The technician ordered the part today and I will have the update installed next week when the new trac unit comes in. The tech said that they are going to replace the whole trac unit and also reprogram the ecu. Can't wait. Will keep you guys informed about any improvements in the hesitation. So for all you san diego guys, call kearny mesa lexus and they'll hook you up with the updates!

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Bringing this topic back up to the top in order to get an update.

BLACK_IS 300, did you get an appointment this week like you hoped? I'm guessing not, as some of your San Diego homeys were waiting on that info and you haven't updated this topic since your June 4th statement that Cory said he'd get your part in last week or this week...

So BLACK, what's the latest? You've surely contacted Cory by now to find out where your backordered part is, right? I'm waiting on this exact same issue, so I'd love to get some idea of how long it will *actually* take to get me in there for the updates!

I apologize for not keeping you guys up-to-date with my situation. I've been very busy at work these last few weeks. I just called over to Kearny Lexus today and talked to a tech named Tom. Cory White is on vacation and is off till Monday, 6/18/01. Tom looked me up on their computer and said that I'm the first one on the list to get both the new trac update and the ecu reflash. They are on backorder! I tried to pin Tom down to an E.T.A. on the trac but Tom couldn't give me a date. Tom did promise me that he would put the trac orders on his manager's desk and also mention to his manager that a lot of people are calling in about the trac update. Hopefully this will speed up the process! I need to get this done rather quickly because I'm going on vacation next Friday for 2 weeks and can't afford to miss the opportunity for my updates. I promise to post my appt time as soon as Cory calls me.

Okay, another update. Lexus *Carlsbad* actually called me up while I was on vacation, saying they had the part and could do the upgrade. I called back yesterday and set up an appointment for this Thursday!

Gotta love it! Lexus Kearny Mesa has yet to get back in touch with me...

I asked Jeanette to confirm that I will be getting the TRAC chip swap and the tranny ECU upgrade/download, and she said for sure. She also took the opportunity to dis this board again saying most talkers don't work for Lexus and don't speak for them and often have incorrect information. Well, duh! It's always been pretty easy to break the poseurs here from the knowledgeable ones, though. Like Mo!

I will update this thread again after I get my car back Thursday night. gmej, maybe you should contact Lexus Carlsbad. BLACK_IS 300 what's up with your Kearny Mesa wait?
congrats on the appt. at lexus carlsbad. I had my car in on monday for the 10k service but still no trac unit in stock yet! I've hounded Cory so many times, he knows my voice when I call. Cory promised me that once they get the new trac unit in, he'll call me and schedule an appointment. It's been over a month and I'm getting really anxious to get this done. Please let me know how your car performs after the upgrades. Who did you talk to at Lexus carlsbad? I might have to drive up there if they have the part in stock!

Lexus of KM was going took my info down and said they would contact me via mail about TRAC/ECU order. They said it would take about a month to get and that was about 2 weeks ago. If I don't hear from them in the next two weeks, I'll call Carlsbad. Thanks for the update guys.
gmej, it's been a month already since Cory at Kearny Mesa took *my* contact info, and no call so far!

BLACK_IS 300, I have been dealing consistently with a Customer Service specialist of some kind, Jeanette Carver. 800-525-3987 x126. She owns an IS and has not experienced the problems our earlier ones sometimes exhibit, and which this upgrade should remedy. She has been a bit defensive of Lexus and the dealership in the past, but she does work there, after all. I'll be satisfied in this case if it all comes off smoothly Thursday.

On a related note, I can't see why some people on ClubLexus are complaining about the results of this fix. I have always heard that this upgrade merely brings the two affected parts (RAM chips/contents) in earlier models up to the same ones being sold on current IS's. Why on earth hesitate to get the latest parts? Guess I'll have an informed opinion soon.
ANOTHER update.

Lexus Carlsbad called Thursday afternoon to tell me that they were having problems updating the engine ECU with the Lexus download. So my car would not be ready for me to pick up that day. I took the RX300 loaner home overnite. My wife has an RX300 so this was no big thrill... I was hoping for a GS400 loaner (or a 430 - yeah, right), but that's a small thing.

Today I spoke with my Service Advisor, Dave, and he told me the car is ready. In fact, my tech worked on it late and finished Thursday evening after all.

Hopefully, all's well that ends well. I will update this thread over the weekend, or Monday, with my fix impressions.
I'm sure you're not only happy but releived that you didn't get the runaround. Hope it all works out well 'cause you know I'm right behind you if Kearny Mesa doesn't call.
noobie here...
can one of you tell me what this TRAC/ECU upgrade is about? is it a fix? I just got my new blue is300 from kearny mesa last week. Do I still need this fix? or is it upgraded already? also can someone tell me how to correctly burn in for the car? most ppl tell me not to take it over 3kpm till over 1000 miles others tell me not to go over 55mph.. any input is appreciated...
also what is the "under carriage" problem everyone's been talking about???
again any input is appreciated...
A final update: I got the TRAC/ECU fix at Lexus Carlsbad and I am pleased! Several people on ClubLexus have apparently suggested that they were unhappy with the fixes, but I am here to tell you the fixes are all positive! Crispy3, your IS and all built after at least the first of the year (VIN ranges available with the Search feature) already have these fixes manufactured in. At least, that's what everyone who has an opinion, authoritative or not, seems to say. That's why I said not getting them was nuts.

And boy am I glad I had the work done. Yeah, it took a long time for Lexus Carlsbad to get in the new TRAC ECU chips, and get their download machine ready to update the engine/tranny ECU. Yeah, they had problems and held the car overnight. But in the end they did accomplish the work in one try, and that's what counts. So in this case I have to recommend Lexus Carlsbad to San Diego IS owners looking to update with these fixes.

Per above, contact Jeanette Carver. My Service Advisor was Dave.

As for how the upgrade feels, it fixes all the problems I and others have complained of. I have not felt the tranny slam from second to third. The car shifts to second almost immediately when tramping the pedal in the middle of slowing from speed in fourth or fifth. The TRAC does not engage too aggressively any more, to the extent that I am comfortable driving with it on almost full time. I will disable TRAC only when I am expecting and want wheel slip/spin. I threw my IS around a few corners on the way home and this weekend and the TRAC only engaged after one or more wheels actually started to slip. The skid warning symbol appeared on the instrument panel, and the TRAC selectively braked that/those wheels(s). But no more than that! The old TRAC would have left me stranded in the middle of the turn! The pedal-to-engine-and-transmission "linkage" just seems tighter to me, and that's a step in the right direction.

So I am very glad I got this done. gmej, BLACK_IS 300 and other San Diego IS owners from last year, go to Lexus Carlsbad.
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mkaufman - glad to hear you finally got it fixed.

Now if I can only get someone at Lexus to send a Trac unit to Texas. Lexus customer service called today and told me (again) that there are none available. I'm thinking about calling the regional office and working my way up, if I can find a phone number.

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Cool! I'm glad the results were great. Now who's next to go Lexus Carlsbad?

Originally posted by is300_white:
Cool! I'm glad the results were great. Now who's next to go Lexus Carlsbad?

I was just at Carlsbad yesterday getting the undercarriage cover (they called it a fuel line protector) fixed as it broke off and flapped around. I also talked to Dave and happened to ask about the TRAC/ECU update and he says to me, "I think we've have one of those in stock right now and we could put it in today." I almost **** because those things are totally elusive. However, he quickly followed with, "Let me check first." He asked some guy in the back and heard him mention the name Kaufmann and something like , .."yeah, he got it done". I guess they were talking about you MKAUFMANN. Damn, and to think I almost walked in and got one. I still have my order in at Kearny and if that falls through, Carlsbad here I come!
Just wanted to give you san diego guys an update on my trac/ecu situation at Kearny Mesa Lexus: Cory White called me last week and told me that the "squeaky wheel gets the oil" and said that the only way I could get my updates was to call 1-800-25-Lexus and complain about the hesitation! I immediately called the 800# and spoke with a fellow named Shawn Wong. Complained about the updates and mentioned the service bulletin Lexus released . Within 2 days, Shawn called me back and said the part was waiting at Kearny Lexus for me! Un-fucing-believable. That's all it took for me to get my updates! So for all the san diego people waiting impatiently for updates, CALL 1-800-25-LEXUS AND COMPLAIN! I have my appointment tomorrow and will post the results of the updates. Can't wait!

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Just got my car back from kearny mesa lexus and DAMN, what a difference! acceleration is smooth and more lag from 2nd to 3rd gear and car seems A LOT more responsive...I highly recommend any one who's contemplating getting the trac/ecu updates to RUN to your local dealer and get it done. To speed up the process, make sure you call 1-800-25-LEXUS and complain first. 2 days after I called the 800#, my replacement trac unit "mysteriously" appeared at kearny lexus and I was called in immediately for the feels like I have a new IS!

Right on!! My order is in at KM Lexus, too but I may also call the 800# to get the ball rolling just a little quicker.
I was looking around for that SD meet discussion but I can't seem to find it. I'm very interested to join so let me know. I also need to upgrade my TRAC/ECU. WIll probably do it in KM.
Is it just me, but I can't seem to find the SD thread in the All Together section? Oh well...
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