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Just wanted to let you san diego locals know about my great conversation with Kearny Mesa Lexus: called and spoke with a service technician about scheduling my 10,000 mile oil change and when I asked about the trac/ecu update, they knew exactly what I was talking about! The technician ordered the part today and I will have the update installed next week when the new trac unit comes in. The tech said that they are going to replace the whole trac unit and also reprogram the ecu. Can't wait. Will keep you guys informed about any improvements in the hesitation. So for all you san diego guys, call kearny mesa lexus and they'll hook you up with the updates!

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Originally posted by mkaufman:
Hey gmej, you hear this?!

Yeah, I got it. Also read the rest of the posts and it sucks there is a lack of consistency between dealerships in terms of getting the TRAC/ECU serviced. Hell, Kearny Mesa is closer anyways. Maybe I'll see you guys (BLACK, MKAUFF) there! (That's just as long as I don't get the run around).
Lexus of KM was going took my info down and said they would contact me via mail about TRAC/ECU order. They said it would take about a month to get and that was about 2 weeks ago. If I don't hear from them in the next two weeks, I'll call Carlsbad. Thanks for the update guys.
I'm sure you're not only happy but releived that you didn't get the runaround. Hope it all works out well 'cause you know I'm right behind you if Kearny Mesa doesn't call.
Originally posted by is300_white:
Cool! I'm glad the results were great. Now who's next to go Lexus Carlsbad?

I was just at Carlsbad yesterday getting the undercarriage cover (they called it a fuel line protector) fixed as it broke off and flapped around. I also talked to Dave and happened to ask about the TRAC/ECU update and he says to me, "I think we've have one of those in stock right now and we could put it in today." I almost **** because those things are totally elusive. However, he quickly followed with, "Let me check first." He asked some guy in the back and heard him mention the name Kaufmann and something like , .."yeah, he got it done". I guess they were talking about you MKAUFMANN. Damn, and to think I almost walked in and got one. I still have my order in at Kearny and if that falls through, Carlsbad here I come!
Right on!! My order is in at KM Lexus, too but I may also call the 800# to get the ball rolling just a little quicker.
Alright, I'm starting to get the "Trac/ECU" runaround. The culprit, Kearny Mesa. First off, I didn't call the 800 number that BLACK called (but I'm doing it tomorrow for sure!!). A month ago I put in the order and was told that it would take about a month to get in as it is back ordered. No response in the one month span so when I called KM, they said that it will probably take another month if not longer. Something about a pending EPA approval for the ECU update. Also said that "if you would have had the update earlier, you only got the first part of the update (TRAC) and you would've had to come back to the the ECU burn". Did anyone hear this one yet?!?! Oh yeah, the guy (forgot his name) also said that right now they're giving priority to IS's that have actually stalled! Is the problem potentially that bad! I recall one guy who said that his IS stalled at a stoplight or something. I'm definitely calling the 800 number and Lexus of Carlsbad to see if I can get this shiit done cause the hesitation is becoming more and more prominent and the last thing I need is a one year old, 35+ thousand car stalling out on me!
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Originally posted by BLACK_IS 300: Kearny Mesa Lexus: Cory White called me last week and told me that the "squeaky wheel gets the oil" and said that the only way I could get my updates was to call 1-800-25-Lexus and complain about the hesitation! I immediately called the 800# and spoke with a fellow named Shawn Wong. Complained about the updates and mentioned the service bulletin Lexus released . Within 2 days, Shawn called me back and said the part was waiting at Kearny Lexus for me! Un-fucing-believable.
TRY IT AND BELIEVE! I called Kearny Mesa after waiting a month for my order and they told me that I would have to wait 1 if not 2 more months! Called the 800# and in 3 days my order was in!!!! Furthermore, KM said they just got 15 of the trac/ecu updates in so if you ordered from KM, hopefully you'll get a call too.
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