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Just wanted to let you san diego locals know about my great conversation with Kearny Mesa Lexus: called and spoke with a service technician about scheduling my 10,000 mile oil change and when I asked about the trac/ecu update, they knew exactly what I was talking about! The technician ordered the part today and I will have the update installed next week when the new trac unit comes in. The tech said that they are going to replace the whole trac unit and also reprogram the ecu. Can't wait. Will keep you guys informed about any improvements in the hesitation. So for all you san diego guys, call kearny mesa lexus and they'll hook you up with the updates!

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I also agree that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But like mkaufman, my car exhibits the problems on a daily basis and is unacceptable, IMO. Also, if the ECU can only be reprogrammed once and they don't get it right, that is Lexus' problem, not mine. I can't imagine why they would design something that can only be reprogrammed once.
mkaufman - glad to hear you finally got it fixed.

Now if I can only get someone at Lexus to send a Trac unit to Texas. Lexus customer service called today and told me (again) that there are none available. I'm thinking about calling the regional office and working my way up, if I can find a phone number.

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