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TRAC/ECU Update done!!

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Had mine done last Friday. Car is much smoother and best of all, no hesitation. Make sure you bring all your keys in when they do the ecu flash. They also fixed the following:
front driver's side door check, replaced a/c compressor as mine was making a noticeable whining noise everytime I used the air,and they replaced the plastic undercarriage piece as this is now a recalled item. Woohooooo!!!
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Cool, I did not have to bring both of my keys in. I thought that might sound weird to you. Also I used to get 280 miles a tank, now I get 310!! I'm so happy they did this update, and ECU swap.
hey jiggafett,where did you get your kit painted?i just got mine and i am getting some ridiculous quotes!help me out1
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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