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So a few days ago, the undercarriage thing fell off the bottom of my car. I took it into the dealership to have it replaced, and they said they were too busy and that I had to make an appointment. I was led to the appointment area, where one lady sitting there started asking me questions about it. Her name is Chrissann (sp?), and she does the warranty handling over there. She got them to take the broken cover off on the spot, but I still had to make an appointment to get a new one on. Then, I decided to ask her about the TRAC/ECU update, and she said that she hadn't heard of it. I asked her to look into it, and dropped by a couple days later, today. She found the service bulletin and said that the technicians will do the ECU update and TRAC replacement when I bring my car in for the undercarriage replacement. My appointment is for next Thursday at 10 am.

So, for anyone that wants to get the update at Stevens Creek, and your service advisor claims no knowledge of it, speak with Chrissann.


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