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I found this information in another forum:

ECU Reprograming:

Covered under Technical Service Information Bulletin:
TSIB EG003-01

In the first batch of 2001 IS300's there existed a problem with the ECU / TRAC systems that created some very strange problems for the car. This is actually 2 seperate issues, however they are more often than not reffered to as a single issue.

The ECU reprogram update affects all IS300s whose VIN number is LOWER/BEFORE 10025186

The problem existing with the ECU was a slight delay durring shifting between 2nd and 3rd gears as well as a downshift from 5th to 2nd. Drivers were experiencing jerky and lagged shifting patterns which made for a very uncomfortable driving experience. Drivers have reported smoother shifting since having this reprogramed.

If your VIN qualifies you for this upgrade, please contact your local Lexus Dealership to schedule an upgrade. Please also be aware that due to a nationwide shortage of these chips that there is often a waiting list to have this done, so be patient.

It is also necessary to have all keys/spare keys present at time of reprograming so that the keys may also be reprogrammed.

I have had the ECU/TRAC fix done, but I dont ever recall them asking me for my keys to have the fix completed. If it has not been done, then what effect will it have on my car with the spare keys? Has anyone else ever had their keys reprogrammed?

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I just had mine done last Thursday and I had all my keys reprogrammed. I didn't ask why they had to be done though because I heard from many on this board that they will be. I'd suggest posting another question on this board for that or consulting your dealership about it...

Good luck.
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