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Trac Control Default OFF

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Any one know of a way to have the Traction Control off by default. I know some people have said they would forget about it if it was off by default but every time I get in my car I have to hit the button to turn it off.. Gets old after a while.

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See the "normally closed" switch I put in place of the traction control switch:

You can get those "blank" cover plates at any Toyota parts department.

I also shaded the dash so that the "TRAC OFF" and "ECT PWR" lights don't shine so brightly (in hindsight a better way would be to have installed an inline resistor behind each light bulb to lower the voltage)
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In case you didn't notice, it is that very tiny, round silver/black switch in front of the phone.

I basically never push it since I always want traction control off.
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