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I have a 2014 Lexus IS250 AWD w/o Navigation I purchased used in March 2017. Long story short - the tpms dispplay on the driver info screen shows dashes for all 4 tires and the warning light does not show.

• The TPMS warning light comes on when the car is started like all other warning lights on the dash. Then, goes out with the other warning lights.
• My local tire shop on 2 separate occassions checked the car and found all 4 sensors emitting signals and programmed the codes into the OBDII Port. After that, still not working.
• Took it to a Lexus dealer, they confirmed the codes are in the ECU and that the ECU is working. They did a 'hard reset'. After that, nothing.
• Back to the dealer. They pulled other the bottom dash halfs on both sides and checked. Found nothing. They now want to do a circuit diagnostics which might run me $475 if they find something 'out of place'. Except for the new tires, all equipment is OEM - down to the cabin dome lights. I contacted Lexus HQ and they blew me off, even though under warranty, which is close to running out, I would still have to pay that fee if something was found to have been tampered with.

Does anyone know where the circuit(s) lie for the tpms? Everything else works in the car, no other issues. Dealer tech could not explain why, if on one circuit, they could not trace it or if shared with other devices or displays, why aren't those items having issue? I got, 'That's a really good question, maybe contact Lexus HQ.'
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