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Hi Everyone,

I bought a 2007 lexus is 250 in Nov. 2019 and have loved it so far. A few months after buying the car the solid yellow tire pressure icon came on, so I took it to a tire place to have them diagnose it. They said one of the TPMS went out so they changed it for me. They also told me one of the other sensors is about to go out soon as well. A week later, the light came on again so I went back and asked them to change the other bad sensor. They checked the sensors and all of them were fine, so I still have this damn light on. I have tried every possible trick online to fix this and have no luck. Just to make sure the tire place wasnt lying to me I took it to another tire shop that said the same thing, all sensors are fine...

So far I have checked all tire pressures including the spare to make sure they are the correct pressure, I have done the reset on the dash, and had the two tire places check the sensors. It is still coming on. It is a solid yellow color and its beginning to really drive me crazy. Any suggestions on what it might be or what to check would be fantastic. I really dont want to pay a dealership a crazy amount of money just to check it....

Any help is much appreciated!!!
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