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Touch up paint ?

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Did any of you guys get touch up paint when you bought your IS from the dealer? I have some little rock chips and i want to cover them up before they turn into rust in a few years down the road. Well they chips look plain ugly too. Also does anyone know how much a bottle of that stuff costs???
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Originally posted by MAmornIS:
Kenneth, you got the hook up from your dealer. I'm gonna try for some free stuff to next time i stop in. Probaly this weekend for the touch up paint. Cardinal_Creek. Chromoplast is right. We Thai people are telepathic =)j/k Saw an earlier post from chromoplast about Thailand
You two are real funny

BTW, Easier to deal for freebies before you pick up your car. Once it's delivered they become much more stingy!
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Yeah i know...thats the hard part.Getting freebies. Luckily my dealer is a cool guy. He owns 2 IS's and one is going to be twin turbocharged he tells me. When i first went to the dealer to look at it he showed me his TRD Japanese book on the ALtezza so he's not one of those dealers that pretend they know what there talking about. Hopefully he'll be cool about hooking me up...Or i gotta be a real a-hole and bitch alot...
my dealer did not have many options for the IS300 at all. but I still managed to get free Lexus mug, and 2 lexus keychains. (even though I use an Intel Bunny suit keychain instead of the gold lexus key chain anyway)
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