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topics getting stale

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I noticed that the activity and topics have been getting a bit stale compared to before.
Maybe this is because the car is about a month away. Why don't we all band together and petition Toyota Motor Co. for something. Like a NAV system this year.


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I think some people are just running out of things to talk about. I know I don't reply as much as I used to.
I'm with you Kim, I'm running out of things to say too.
That's why I've been asking questions about my GS and talking about Lexus sound systems lately.
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Yeah, I find that I dont even check this site as much as I used too. Its like we know everything that we could know as of right now. My time is know preoccupied with deciding whether or not to go on a cruise to bermuda, with my friend and his family.
Any feedback???
Quez are you mad?
Definitely go on the cruise to Bermuda!!
Oh Hey Quez! I didn't even know you were still here
. Isn't that sad? Man, what happened to this forum?
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Yup, i think we're all getting bored with all the topics, including myself...

damn, this month is going slow...

ok i gotta question...the Edmond's review mentioned "tinted windows"...anyone can varify if the IS will come with tinted windows?
The IS300 will probably NOT come with Tinted Window....None of the other lexus models do (maybe with the exception of their SUV's)...
DMX, I haven't seen you either

Eric, I still have you to talk to. You always have interesting covo and you seem to post as much as I do
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now i know we're all getting bored when we start exchanging email addresses...haha

Kim, yea haven't been on cuz there's no interesting topics to talk about...

Erick, thanks for the info about the tinted is it safe to assume that the Edmond's review is wrong and just inaccurate?
DMX, you can email me too and we can talk about stuff. We cool
. We can talk about stuff other than the IS300. That way our convo won't get deleted for being off topic.
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hey Im left out that really hurts KIM, and I had visions of us test driving our ISs together. Yeah IM still here. Although Ive been really busy, with work, and being single. I think Im gonna cry...but Im looking forward to a new car and a vacation, forget bermuda, ITALY or SPAIN here I come.
Thanks Kim, I'll email you soon...maybe we can talk about the new C-class...hahah

Quez, take a can leave your IS with me, I'll take good care of it...heh.

we need to start a new forum...
Awww don't cry. You can email me too Quez. That's cute, us test drving our cars together. I'm looking foward to a new car and vacation this fall too. I think I may go to Maui or Jamaica.
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DMX, Hahahahaha!!!
That's funny!!! But a good idea for a web site. You can be the webmaster.
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Thats actually a concern to get a car before or after vacation what a dilema.
A bigger dilema is that Im out of applications to audit and Im mad bored at work. I dont have anything to do right now but screw around on here, until we get new applications from the home office in kansas.

This is gonna make me lose my mind
up in here, up in here,
This is gonna make me act the fool
up in here, up in here.
I think I know a big reason why these topics are getting stale. Lexus has released all the information that we need to know so there's no more speculation. No one needs to argue over the price, NAV system, etc. etc. In fact, thanks to TEG, we know waaaaaay more information than the average IS 300 buyer.

Personally, I'm just anxiously waiting it's arrival so I can take it for a test drive and hopefully drive home in one.
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