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Hi Sophiesleeps,

Thanks for sharing your experience with HIDs. Could you provide some suggestions on the following ?

I am thinking of changing the day time running light/high beam with some near-HID
light bulbs. I would probably use PIAA after so hearing so many good comments about it and the fact that they seem to be more expensive.

Which model would you suggest ? PIAA Super plasma or Platinum ? I have gone to their web site but I seem to be more confused than I was.

If my goal is to make the day time running light and high beam look like HID, ie,
bluish white or blue, what's the best deal out there ?



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If you want just the "look" of the HID, then I would go with either the PIAA plasma blue (which turns out a little purple)

or an aftermarket bulb that is cheap and very illegal. I don't think it will be a problem because it is simply your Day running lamp. Some of these include Max Blue by I think Polarg or Rabrig. I'm not sure. I do know that Max Blue is very very blue.

I disconnected my DRL so I don't have to worry bout blue highbeams.

If you're looking for very good bulbs, go with PIAA. THey will help you see the best. Blue bulbs will actually make your vision worse.

However, if you're not planning on using the high beams much. i.e you don't have fog, rain or snow to deal with...then I would go with an illegal blue bulb.

Try or
i think eautoworks is a little pricey
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