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Ok, heres the deal, I'm looking at buying a set of 18x8.5" rims for my 01 ... has anyone EVER put a 225/35/18 on the front rims of thier Lexus? If so, has this posed any problems for you? As some of you know, the IS300 is a little .. oh ... ASS HEAVY, haha ... the ass tends to sag a bit but whatever. Well mine does anyway due to the TIEN suspension that I have.

I fixed the issue with my stock rims by putting 215/45/17's in the front and 225/45/17's in the rear, much better handling and a better look but I'm wondering if I should even TRY putting 225/35/18's in the front or not and 235/40/18's in the rear ... or if I should go 225/40 front and 235/40 rear and be happy with it?

Basically wondering if its a bad idea to put a 35 series tire in the front or not.

Your guys' (and girls') input would be helpful to say the least, thanks alot!
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