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Tire Rotation

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After how many miles are people rotating there 17" tires?
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Lexus recommends every 5,000. For myself, about every 10,000.
You think the Potenza's will last to 10K??? I've heard that depending on your driving you could be changing them rather may not need to rotate.
They should rotate the tires for you at your 5000 miles service. As far as the Potenza tire goes, my still have about half left in the back, and I am estimating that I will need to change tire around 11K or 12K miles.
I am going to use Potenza S02, unless someone else has better suggestion.
I have the Goodyear GS-D with about 13000 miles. I got them rotated around 8000 miles and all four look really good. Still a fair amount of tread.
Originally posted by laughingboy:
I have the Goodyear GS-D with about 13000 miles.
Laugh, You do some serious driving, don't you? You're on schedule to put on 25-30K miles per year. Hate to see your gas bill
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cardinal -- exactly the mileage I'm expecting. But, that's what tax write offs and gas-reimbursements are for
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