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Tire Pressure

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I know someone will have the answer to this one...
Is correct tire pressure more critical in low profile tires, such as those on the IS300?
My tires had lost about 2-3 lbs so I topped them off and I noticed (or thought I noticed) a significant difference in ride and handling.
My IS is the first car I've owned with low profile tires and I was just wondering if small pressure changes can really make a handling difference?
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Originally posted by Martin:
yes i know the psi will increase that's why i checked and put some in after i was driveing and it was 75 ish out. Wouldn't the Tire itself say what the best psi is? I mean they are makeing them @ goodyear. So why would lexus know better?


Black/Ivory IS300

The tire pressure on the sidewall of a tire is the maximum allowable pressure as per the tire manufacturer's recommendation. The tire pressure indicated on a car's door jam/owner's manual is what the car manufacturer recommends for that particular car. It takes into account weight, tire wear, handling...etc. Always use the pressure that the car manufacturer recommends.
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