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Tire Pressure

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I know someone will have the answer to this one...
Is correct tire pressure more critical in low profile tires, such as those on the IS300?
My tires had lost about 2-3 lbs so I topped them off and I noticed (or thought I noticed) a significant difference in ride and handling.
My IS is the first car I've owned with low profile tires and I was just wondering if small pressure changes can really make a handling difference?
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If you check in the door jam of the drivers door, you will find the correct tire pressure. 40psi is too high, but I can't remember off hand what the correct pressure is. Just because the max is 44 doesn't mean that you want it that high. Plus, when the tires get hot, the pressure will increase.
The tire pressure that is posted on the tire is only the maximum that you should ever have. The car manufacturer has the correct tire pressure, based on vehicle weight, suspension, handling, etc. You should never run the maximum pressure, because you sacrifice handling and risk a blow out. Additionally, you will cause your tires to wear unevenly. Too little pressure will cause the car to ride on the sidewalls slightly, and too much pressure will bulge the middle of the tread and cause wear. You also should never check your tire pressure when the tire is should always set the tire pressure to the car manufacturers pressure when the tires are cold.

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