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Tinted Windows?

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I'm just wondering what are the options available for tinting on the is300 and in general from Lexus. How much does tinting add to the price and is lexus even the company responsible for everybodies tint jobs. Thanks for your input.
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G - there are some good threads on tint in the Interior/Exterior mod forum.

The IS comes with a UV filtered glass - but I am planning to tint mine.
lexus dealers contract local tint shops, ask your dealer where they send the cars to get tinted but dont let the dealer tint your car without taking it down to the tint shop yourself, else they might charge you the cost of the tint job and a lil extra for them to bring it there.
Agent Smith, i was just wondering how many windows you were planning on tinting, really just of question of preference but i'm interested. Some people i know would rather just tint the back and rear passenger windows, as opposed to tinting the drivers side windows.

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Park Place Grapevine contracted my tint job (dark as possible in the back including moonroof and legal in front so I don't know the percentage) and had everything ready before I picked up my car for the first time. It added to the cost of the car, but I had negotiated the price so there were no surprises. My sales guy told me if I ever had a problem with the tint, they would take care of it - just bring it back to the dealership.


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i've been looking for a good tint place in the washington metropolitan area. I think i will go with 50% tint as opposed to 35% which is the legal in my area. if anyone knows a professional tint place that will tint the whole back window in one piece as well as tinting the rear brake light... please let me know.

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Tinting all the windows at once looks the best, but many states (and I know California) do not allow much tint on the windshield or front-door windows. So that is a big reason why alot of people only tint the rear windows.
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