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Among Speed Channel's new prime-time program lineup, arguably the most intriguing is <B><I>Tuner Transformation</I></B>, a show where they'll mod your ride for free, but to the modders taste, which may or may not match yours.

The show airs on the following days and (Eastern) times:
<LI>Tuesdays at 7 PM and Midnight
<LI>Fridays at 10 AM
<LI>Saturdays at 6 PM and 9:30 PM
I watched the first episode, which was devoted to a red Mazda RX-8. Following are my comments and more information.

My feelings on the first episode are, frankly, mixed. I definitely found the show to be far more enjoyable than <I>Super2Ner TV</I> or <I>Hi-Rev Tuners.</I> The bickering between the 3 guys that carry out the mods is funny, and there were tons of bleeps due to their salty language. The modifications themselves, however, were a bit disappointing. All they did to the RX-8 is change the wheels & tires, install larger cross-drilled brakes (but kept the stock, unpainted calipers!), add nitrous, slightly upgrade the stereo and put some graphics on the sides. I also found myself wishing they'd shown the installations in more detail, especially the nitrous.

At the end of the show, they announced their website: <A HREF=""></A>. Their site is quite informative. It lists the cars they're looking to modify in upcoming episodes. The Lexus IS300 is NOT on that list. They do say, however, that they're planning to add more cars in the future.

If you're looking for some free mods and are adventuresome enough to let someone else decide what and how they should be, this show may well be your ticket.
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