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Actually it was a good move, Im sure you can get it for a lot less, specially stripped down and all. I got mine fully loaded with the exception of an lsd, otd/including taxes for $32.3. And just think im sure theres a lot of guys out there who got my package for even less, shop regrets.
The leather seats are a nice option to think about.

Originally posted by nette:
I was this close to buying an IS300 yesterday! I had said that I wanted a stripped down IS, meaning no leather or moon roof. The guy found one for me and was going to give it to me for about $31K out the door! The only thing was that it did not have power seats
That brought me down to earth real fast. I couldn't do it. You don't know how bummed I was. The price the regular IS's were just over my limit for right now. That is my sad story...
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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