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Originally posted by nette:
I was this close to buying an IS300 yesterday! I had said that I wanted a stripped down IS, meaning no leather or moon roof. The guy found one for me and was going to give it to me for about $31K out the door! The only thing was that it did not have power seats
That brought me down to earth real fast. I couldn't do it. You don't know how bummed I was. The price the regular IS's were just over my limit for right now. That is my sad story...
Just live with the leather and sunroof, in exchange for the power seats. With the current deals out there you should be able to get a fully loaded is3 for about 31,000 not including taxes. Probably much cheaper when the manual's come out this fall. By the way, resale will be tons higher on a fully loaded IS.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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