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anyone try these. They look cheap.

-100% Brand new Sealed in box ready to ship
-This kit features a central major grounding point that branches off to the major components of the engine
-Quicker throttle response.
-Smoother idling and improved starting
-Cleaner exhaust caused by higher burn rate (decrease of HC/CO density).
-Stabilizes the engine at high RPM's
-Prevent power loss and ensure top performance of your ignition
-As a result gain 5-10 HP
-Comes with all the grounding wires, aluminum battery heard and aluminum plate connector.

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You might as well try it. It is only a grounding kit. If properly installed, there are no negative effects.

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AltezzaBoy03 said:
As a result gain 5-10 HP
i dont think that is true... :crazy:
but correct me if im wrong...
you are correct. It will only improve throttle response, shifting smoothness (if you have a auto), and look cool. TeckKits look better anyways.

And this should be moved to the GoFast forum and your flame suit should be put on if you do put it there. :wink:
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