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With my tax return I will be buying all the stock pieces to a 2001 IS300 and parting my car out. I found a mechanic at the dealership I work for who's gonna help me do all the labor, but I need parts and need to sell parts! Here's the mod list. It's a first come first serve basis, no reserving parts. I don't have any of the stock parts, so anyone who's will to trade for stock+cash gets first in line. I'll create a list later on once people start replying. I'll add to the mod list what I need in return. Like I said, once my tax return gets here I will start the parting out.

I got my tax return, so now everything is ready to be parted out. Whith the things that I need your stock parts, I would need to have your stock part first, then I'll send out mine. You only have to pay for your shipping, I'll pay for the shipping of the part back. So, let the part out begin!


TE Garrett T04E 60 Trim spec Turbocharger
Large TE 24x8x3 Front mount intercooler (Core 17x9x3)
Tial 38mm Wastegate
TE Tubular Stainless Steel Manifold
TurboEast Stainless Steel Downpipe
TE Tuned Greddy E-Manage with Ignition, Pressure Sensor and harness--need stock ecu

6 440cc Injectors---need stock injectors

TE Piggyback Conditioner ECU
TE 3" Race Pipe
TE 2mm Low Compression Headgasket
ARP Head Studs--Need stock headgasket and headstuds

Intercooler Piping w/ bead rolled ends
4 Layer Silicone Couplers w/ Stainless Steel Lined Clamps
Greddy Type RS Blow-Off Valve
TE Open Element Air Filter
Automatic Transmission Valve Body Upgrade--need stock valvebody
Flat Black Pipe Coating
Black Thermal Efficient Intercooler Coating
Greddy Emanage Cable and Software
Turboeast Manual Boost Controller
HKS Dragger II Exaust--need full stock exhaust. Header, cat, and exhaust
Unorthodox Racing pulleys
Aeromotive FPR
Fuel Return Kit
Lexus Stock LSD

Interior: *Condition 7/10 (for a 7 year old car, pretty good)

TRD Center Console Gauge Pod
TRD Shift Knob
Defi-Link Control Unit
Defi-Link BF Gauges - boost, egt, oil pressure
Defi VSD Heads Up Display
Blitz Power Meter ID
Tein Edfc
AEM Wideband
Heated Front Seats
20% Tint All Around
Eclipse AVN-5435 Double-din navigation unit with Sirius and iPod controller--need stock radio unit

JL Audio 450/4 amp powering MB-Quart QSD-216 Front components and stock rear 6x9s
Broadway Rear view mirror
Clifford Alarm

Exterior: * Condition: 9/10 almost perfect!

Side Painted Carbon Fiber Hood--need stock hood

Altezza front grill
Volk Racing Wheels SF Winnings 18x8 Front 18x9 Rear no scratches perfect condition--need stock wheels w/tires

Good Year Eagle F1 GS-D3 Tires (about 75% tread left)
225/40 Front 255/35 Rear


TOMS front and rear chassis braces
TRD Yellow front and rear sway bars--need stock sways

Tein Flex Coil Overs--need stock suspension

Best way to get ahold of me is PM or email. I'm crazy busy so it may take me a day or two to get to the pms. I have no prices listed yet, but will once everything's taken off after I figure out exactly what's going.

THanks everyone!


EDIT: I live in Fremont, CA which is in the SF Bay Area. Prefer locals until all the parts are off the car and sorted through

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sent u a PM

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Damn, a full turbo set-up would be pretty sick.....hmmm

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^^^ I'll sell you everything, including gauges, ecu with fully tuned emange, everything that has to do with the turbo for a crazy price. I'd just need your stock ecu. PM me for details if you're serious

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dibs on the yellow sways. Lemme know so i can take my sways off and trade for yours.

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hey dude, do you have pictures of anything. i'd love to see your engine bay and your interior/center console.

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What'll you trade for the LSD? Or how much do you want for the LSD?

I doubt you'd want to trade for my open diff but who knows!
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