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Well after numerous requests I will let the cat out of the bag.

We are currently finishing a project that I have named THE SRT IS300 HULK MONSTER.

I will be adding much more details as soon as I have time and update this post.

Here are the basics:

Engine Mechanical:
SRT built 3.0L 2JZ-GE
- Carillo Rods
- JE Custom Pistons
- ACL Race Bearings SRT Coated
- Fully Balanced
- Billet main Caps
SRT built fully ported and polished GE head
- 1mm oversized valves REV
- dual valve springs REV
- Titanium retainers REV
- Viton Valve Seals
HKS 280 Cams Custom SRT Machined
ARP L19 Head Studs
Gates Racing Timing Belt
SRT Billet CNC Chromoly timing belt tensioner

V160 Getrag 6 Speed Transmission
SRT CNC Shifter Bracket
Tilton QUAD Disc Clutch
GS400 Rear End
Kaaz LSD
Supra TT Axles
SRT custom single 3" steel driveshaft

Forced Induction:
SRT Custom T6 turbo manifold
Tial 60mm Wastegate
Dual Tial 50mm BOV's
GT47-88R T6 Big Framed Turbo
SRT Custom 4" downpipe
SRT custom full 4" obnoxious exhaust
SRT Custom HUGE 1000+HP Air-Air Intercooler
SRT CNC Intake Manifold
Accufab 90mm Race Throttle Body

Engine Management/Ignition:
Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 EMS
Dual Haltech triple channel igniters
Supra TT ignition coils

Fuel System:
Bosch 1600cc injectors
SRT custom 1400HP Fuel System
Aeromotive Race Ragulator

Other Performance:
Koyo Radiator
SRT Custom Race Catch Can setup

Full Custom widebody car
Completely done Custom ICE interior

POWER GOALS 1,200WHP or bust!

Stay Tuned more details and pics to come as time permits.

ENGINE BAY PICS ON PG4 Post 57 or simply click here!

Here are some pics of the build process, Drivetrain and more finished interior shots coming soon:


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But is it going to be a show car type thing or is it going to have like the interior thrown out and a BIG parachute planted in the back lol?? and be a drag car 100%?
Swift Racing Technologies said:
Full Custom widebody car
Completely done Custom ICE interior
Sounds like a show car to me

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V160 I assume is going to be in this car since you are going for that big of numbers?
Absolutely V160, GS400 rear end and Tilton QUAD disc clutch

Too bad Ryan lexus84 repainted his car green and already named his the incredible hulk!?
Considering that this car has been in the making for almost THREE years now and had the green paint for a little over two years and was at SEMA last year with the paint job already done I would say the originality goes to him.

OMG that are is quite tasteless, I think it looks waaayyy too much RICER IMHO.

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I know you guys read my comments in the other thread cause I am sure people always read what I wrote ... :rolleyes:

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There is a Hulk-Supra out there, its design is awsome,
maybe SRT can get their Hulk-IS300's design like that one on the Supra?! :cool:

The Hulk Supra was an all out drag car in bahrain. It is not longer the color scheme shown after two years of trying to get it to go to the 7's it finally did when the car was redone and the new color is all white.

Once you see this IS300 I guarantee you will appreciate the unique factor for this particular car. Pics to be posted tomorrow!
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