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ok, i sent the IGN moron a letter bout his review, and this is what it said:

Next time know what you are reviewing before you write a review on a car.
Your review on the IS300 was completely unprofessional, and as someone that
is very interested in this car, and has a down payment, and have even gotten
to DRIVE in it, I obviously know you do not know what you are talking about.
Just because you will never be able to afford one doesn't mean you have to
criticize it. This paragraph here:
"Ever since Lexus grew that new set of cajones that came with the
GS400, they've been making curious in-roads into the upwardly mobile,
need-for-speed demographic, defined largely by stylishly dressed young men
who think too highly of themselves, own multiple cell phones, and frequently
need to be beaten senseless. IGN readers are excluded from this category.
You can enjoy the IS 300 without fear of repercussion. "
Umm, that's BMW buddy, Lexus does not have that reputation, and that's why
a lot of people buy Lexus just like I will. I don't want the BMW image.
Anyways enough of me wasting my time, just thought I'd let you know that,
and by the way, please don't review any more cars, you don't know what your
talking about....


This is the reply i got:



What a moron....

Guy probably drives a pinto.
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