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28311Following on enthusiast-oriented Lexus initiatives such as <A HREF="">the Lexus Performance Registry</A> and the official Lexus USA website's <A HREF="">Inside Performance section</A>, the Lexus F Sport Accessory has seen the addition of two more items to its ranks.

The first of these is the welcome addition of a second alternate F Sport wheel style. Colloquially referred to by this author as the "snowflake" wheel, it is formally called the 19-Inch Full-Face Forged Alloy Wheel, and is pictured at your left. These wheels were first seen on the Vibrance Orange Glow Kandy IS 350C F-Sport by TRD that was shown at the <A HREF="">2009 SEMA Show</A>, but weren't available for public consumption until Lexus rolled out its 2010 IS 350C F-Sport Special Edition last March, with the exclusive (only 100 units were made) drop-top having been the subject of not <A HREF="">one</A>, but <A HREF="">two</A> my.IS Front Page stories. Now, following favorable public reaction, these wheels are now available for installation on all rear-wheel-drive versions of the 2nd-generation Lexus IS V6 sedan and IS C, as well as on the 3rd-generation Lexus GS.

The above exclusion of all-wheel-drive IS sedans is a deliberate decision on Lexus' part. As we noted <A HREF="">just over a year ago</A>, the original 10-Spoke Forged Alloy F Sport wheels (which, of course, continue to be available) come in a trio of sizes: 18" x 8", 19" x 8" and 19" x 9". The 18 x 8 wheels are meant for non-staggered fitment on AWD Lexus IS sedans, a staggered 19 x 8 front/19 x 9 rear fitment for RWD Lexus IS, IS C and GS models and a non-staggered 19 x 8 fitment for the GS 350 AWD sedan. The new full-face wheels, however, are only made in the two 19" diameter sizes, effectively excluding them from IS AWD applications (non-staggered fitment of four 19 x 8s is OKed for IS 350 AWD sedans, though).

The new 19-Inch Full-Face Forged Alloy Wheels share their 40mm offset, construction of forged T-6061-T6 aluminum, weights of 20.5 lbs for the front 19 x 8 wheels and 21.5 lbs for the rear 19 x 9 wheels and MSRP pricing with their 19-Inch 10-Spoke Forged Alloy Wheel counterparts. We should note, however, that they receive their own dedicated Wheel Installation Kit (or Wheel Lug & Lock Kit [Vehicle Set]) that varies slightly from those meant for use in conjunction with the 10-Spoke F Sport wheels in RWD or AWD applications.

28312On a different note, folks wanting to pull the trigger on the F Sport Front and Rear Brake Upgrades may have hesitated because of a disclaimer/warning from Lexus which reads, "with either the front-or rear-brake upgrade, the compact spare tire cannot be used. In the event of a flat, the tire must be repaired or replaced". For those not wanting to succumb to run-flat tires, whose numerous disadvantages (degraded ride, handling, treadwear and tire noise; higher tire costs and the need for specialized mounting facilities) far outweight their virtues, in this author's opinion, Lexus now offers a solution: the F Sport Onboard Tire Repair System (pictured at right). It is, in their words, "intended to repair punctures of up to a quarter-inch diameter in the tread area of the tire. The tire repair is temporary. Athough the tire will last for up to 500 miles, the intention is to allow the motorist to quickly and safely complete the repair, get back on the road and proceed as soon as possible to an authorized tire repair facility to have the tire permanently repaired".

For a full listing of official Lexus F-Sport Accessories, along with parts numbers and Manufacturers' Suggested Retail Pricing (including the new items above), check out our <A HREF="">earlier, but frequently-updated my.IS Front Page story</A>.

Our thanks go out to Brian Bolain, Lexus USA National Manager for Marketing & Lifecycle Strategy; Raúl González, TRD Business Administrator for Toyota Motor Sales; and Rey Delgado (my.IS member ALEXIS) of the JM Lexus Parts Department for their assistance in obtaining the updated parts numbers and pricing for the new items.


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