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1st thing is they should just stick to domestics and sandrails(dune buggies).. The HP pull that I wanted was all screwed up.. my TQ was 328 and my HP was 304...WTF?
I notice he was in auto letting the car shift by itself and had it up to the speed limiter 145 mph, you could hear the speed limiter kick in. After the run, I was like, what gear did you run the car in? He said 3rd. I was like no way, how can you hit the speed limiter in 3rd? That would be 145+. So I asked did you manual eshift up? Nope.. So when I sat in the car to see if my A/F was calibrated correctly, it was. I put the car in manual mode, dropped it to e-shift 2 and told him to start. Showed him how to e-shift via steering wheel. So this time, he goes and runs and is in 4th until redline.. car is already heatsoaked.. HP read 238, 259 tq. I was like whatever..
Might try an import shop and do another dyno.
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