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Lexus has certainly undertaken more than its usual share of unique initiatives this year, both in the artistic realm (such as the <A HREF="">Lexus Design Awards</A>, <A HREF="">Intersect by Lexus</A> galleries offering <A HREF="">Crafted for Lexus</A> merchandise, the <A HREF="">Lexus Short Films</A> and an <A HREF="">enigmatic party with giant puppets in New York City</A>, all under the <A HREF="">Design Matters</A> umbrella) and for the launch of the 3rd-generation IS sedans (including the roll out of <A HREF="">Lexus USA's Instagram channel</A> in conjunction with <A HREF="">Motor Trend and Complex Magazine’s</A>). Now, art, design and the 2014 Lexus IS have all converged into what is surely the most compelling and fun initiative of all that is many a car enthusiast's dream come true.

The All-New 2014 Lexus IS Design Contest is presented by <A HREF="">deviantART</A>, the world's largest online art community. The contest's premise is for you to show us your vision of the ultimate 2014 Lexus IS. If your design is the crème de la crème, it will be brought to life as an actual modified IS, executed by Clark Ishihara's <A HREF="">VIP Auto Salon</A> and publicly unveiled at the <A HREF="">2013 SEMA Show</A> in Las Vegas. Your challenge is to make the all-new IS steal the show. Use your favorite digital tools. Use pencil and paper. Use anything in between to show us how you would customize the exterior of the 2014 IS to make it the center of attention.

If your curiosity is sufficiently piqued, we suggest you visit the official <A HREF="">Lexus IS Design Contest page on deviantART</A>, see <A HREF="">how to enter</A>, wade through the <A HREF="">legalese</A> (which, unfortunately, informs us that the contest is only open to residents of the 48 Contiguous United States, Alaska and the District of Columbia at least 18 years of age. Sorry, rest of the world and young-uns), get the requisite Asset Pack and <A HREF="">join deviantART</A> (it's free, and a requirement of the contest).

25 Semi-Finalists will be chosen by full-time deviantART staff, and, from there, 3 winners will be chosen by judges representing Lexus North America, MotorTrend, VIP Auto Salon and Toyota's Calty Design Research studio. The 22 Semi-Finalists will receive a Lexus Slim Master Hardcover Notebook, a 3-Month Premium Membership to and 2000 deviantART Points. 3rd and 2nd-place winners will each receive a 6-Month Premium Membership to, 4000 deviantART Points and, best of all, a US$1500 Cash Prize. And the 1st-place winner? He or she will receive a 1-year lease on the all-new 2014 Lexus IS, an all expenses paid trip to see the winning IS design revealed at The SEMA show in Las Vegas, a 1-Year Premium Membership to, 8000 deviantART Points and a US$2000 USD Cash Prize.

If you've decided to go for it and enter the contest, these dates and times are critical:
Monday 12 August 2013 at 11:59:59 PM Pacific Standard Time: Final deadline for submissions.
Tuesday 13 August 2013: Semi-Finalists announced.
Friday 16 August 2013: Winners announced
Tuesday 5 November thru Friday 8 November 2013: Vehicle created from winning design will be on display at the SEMA Show.

Already there are (as of this writing) about two dozen 2014 Lexus IS design entries on <A HREF="">deviantART's Lexus IS Design Contest page</A> and, predictably, they run the gamut from the sublime to the ridiculous. Good luck if you've decided to take up the challenge, and here's hoping your design falls on the sublime end of the spectrum...
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